Alex Winter Explains Why We Haven’t Seen ‘Bill & Ted 3’ Yet

Just when you thought Bill & Ted 3 was dead in the water, Alex Winter (aka Bill) drops in yet again to prove otherwise. The long-awaited follow-up to Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey already has a director attached (Dean Parisot) and Keanu Reeves is committed to reprising his role alongside Winter. So why is it taking so long to get this movie made? According to Winter, early buzz is the culprit. “It got leaked just as we started,” Winters told /Film. “Me and Keanu and Chris and Ed, the two writers just started to put it together. Then you’ve got the whole genesis of putting it together in front of you still, which is where we are at now.”

As encouraging as it sounds, it seems like the belated sequel is going take a while longer to get off the ground. Personally, I’m a bit curious to see how they’re going to pull it off when both of its leading actors are pushing 50. The fact that Bill & Ted were young and brainless constituted much of the previous films’ charm, but hopefully the director and screenwriters can inject some magic and relevance into the film. Are you looking forward to a third installment, and if so, what direction do you think it will take?

Source: /Film

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  • I’m hoping to see the idea where they are older and have never fulfilled their destiny and can’t figure out why

  • Considering where the second one ended – with the montage of newspaper headlines showing the band’s rise – it’d be interesting to see them with this sudden responsibility as society’s new influence. How do they handle that? What is it that pushes them into the legendary status?

  • i wanna see where they go from the end of bogus journey maybe have the offspring of the 2 take over wild stallions and be as brianless as their parents

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