Bates Motel Teaser for Season 2

Bates Motel teaser
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A brand new Bates Motel teaser trailer is up online and it is definitely freaky. It also has an iconic image at the end.

Bates Motel teaserThe classic¬†song “Guilty” is playing over a scene of what looks like Norman Bates working carefully on his beloved taxidermy work – or more accurately, using the leftover skin and hair to create some very freaky sculptures. Then at the end, we see one of his models is an almost duplicate match for the house from Psycho.

Yeah, its pretty obvious that Norman Bates is going to start to go a little more Psycho this season. Bates Motel stars Freddie Highmore as a young Norman Bates and Vera Farminga as his mother Norma.

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Check out the Bates Motel teaser trailer above and let us know what you think in the comments. Bates Motel returns early in 2014, although no release date has been set yet.


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