Tom Hiddleston is using his apparently powerful fan base to make his desires for Loki’s future known. The thousands of fans that have made vocal their wish for a solo Loki movie have made Tom Hiddleston a much more significant public figure than people (read: me) expected the Shakespeare performer turned supervillain to become.

Hiddleston’s new-found attention has allowed him a platform to campaign for his own vision of a starring vehicle for Loki. It involves The Enchantress. Hiddleston didn’t mention any specifics about this idea, but he definitely seems to be invested in it. “When I was first reading the comics, [Loki’s] relationship with the Enchantress was one of the really fun things I thought would be good to explore.” He “may have even pitched it to [Marvel Studios head] Kevin Feige at some point.”

Editors Note: Tom Hiddleston has nothing to do with the campaign by the fans to get a solo movie made. But that campaign might have helped him, especially since he has possibly spoken to Kevin Feige about a Loki-Enchantress adventure – SL

I’m all for this. Giving Hiddleston more screen time is beyond any expectations. It’s especially impressive given that Loki is the only recurring villain in the Marvel movie-verse. Huge Weaving, Mickey Rourke, and Sam Rockwell all fell short, but Hiddleston stands tall! As far as The Enchantress in particular, I love this too. She is a super cool character, and one that can really open up the magic element of Marvel’s universe. She also has an interesting, traitorous relationship with the trickster god. Things between them escalate with perfidy after perfidy until the relationship falls apart.

It also opens up avenues into Loki’s sexual history. In the Norse canon, Loki has a lot of kids. The Wolf Fenrir that emerges and participates in the destruction of the world during Ragnarok? That’s one of Loki’s little tykes. For that matter, so is Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir. All of this is great, and I support it wholeheartedly.

It also just feels natural. With Guardians Of The Galaxy making its way earthward to expand Marvel into a more fully science fiction, it makes perfect sense to produce a Loki and The Enchantress film to open the universe up to fantasy fans. It’s pretty clear what my nerd-dream looks like at this point. Do you think The Enchantress is a good pairing for Loki? Who would you put in her place? Will a Loki movie even be good? I’m opening the floor for discussion.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Free Loki October 10, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    I enjoyed this positive perspective on the prospect of Loki obtaining his own movie as I, of all people, am definitely supportive of that endeavor. However it alludes to Tom having something to do with the campaign, namely the one I am founder of, to petition Marvel to consider producing such a film. That is by no means true. I have had no direct contact with Tom Hiddleston at any time nor will I in the foreseeable future (though I’m not adverse to it by any means, lol).

    Tom Hiddleston is an extremely professional, soberly generous actor who would likely never jeopardize either his relationship with Marvel nor compromise the as yet unknown fate of Loki by endorsing, let alone instigating, a campaign for his own film. I think it’s great that someone is finally shedding light on his vaguely agreeable attitude towards the idea, but I think it’s definitely premature to pin him as a definite champion of the effort.