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Warcraft Comes To Our World December 2015

Warcraft is coming to the big screen. It’s extra official now. Them orcs done gone at got themselves a release date. Duncan Jones’s adaptation of superhit video games/soul crushing machine will be hitting theaters with a Dec. 18, 2015 Warcraft release date by Universal Pictures. I’m as mad as anyone that they chose to adapt World Of Warcraft (whatever that means) instead of the totally awesome story of Uther Lightbringer and Lothar from Warcraft 2 (Windows 95 put your hands up). I think it’s a huge missed opportunity.

I don’t think it’s going to be bad though. I did think that. I wasn’t even totally convinced by descriptions of the super sweet demo reel Duncan Jones put out (it’s not available online). I’ve just sat back and thought about it. The essence of the Warcraft world is very cool. It’s classic high fantasy. The more recent iterations of WoW have been less than excellent (the panda monks?!?!), but I don’t think Jones and his crew will be able to put all of that into the movie. I think that the weights of time and budget will force this movie to focus on the most important part of the story: humans and orcs bashing each others’ heads in (and maybe teaming up to fight the undead).

Are you excited about this movie? Do you think the director of Moon will be able to pull of Azeroth? Do you think it’s possible to distill a coherent Warcraft mythology into a movie? Let’s battle it out below!

Source: Slash Film

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