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Zac Efron Terrorizes Seth Rogen in the Hilarious New Trailer for ‘Neighbors’

Neighbors trailerYou remember when Channing Tatum was signed to join Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street, and everybody was like… wait, what? Then 21 Jump Street ended up being one of the funniest movies of the year, and everyone finally was willing to give  Channing a chance at comedy. The new Neighbors trailer appears to be executing  the same formula for Zac Efron. Funny thing is, it works amazingly well. Efron seems right at home going toe-to-toe with Seth Rogen.

The new film, which is directed by Nick Stoller (Get Him To The Greek) is about a happy couple– Rogen and Byrne– who are suddenly invaded by a fraternity moving in next door. I’m guessing Efron is playing the President of whatever Greek affiliation he is a part of. Whatever the case, I laughed pretty hard at the last few moments of this trailer.

Some elements of the preview may be unsuitable for children, so I’m tagging this as NSFW. Check out the red-band Neighbors trailer above!


What do you think of the Neighbors trailer? Tell us below!

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