Rambo TV Series in The Works

Recently it was announced that EntertainmentOne and producer Avi Lerner [Rambo, The Expendables] teamed up with Nu Image to produce a Rambo TV series. The group is in talks with Sylvester Stallone to be involved in the creative aspect, as well as possibly reprise the role.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with a renowned producer like Avi and the Nu Image team. The ability to fuse the big screen and the small screen through Avi’s feature film expertise and eOne’s domestic production capabilities and international distribution infrastructure, makes for a highly complementary partnership, Rambo fans cover all demographics and we’re confident that we’ll quickly find this series a home.” said John Morayniss, CEO, eOne Television.

“I’m happy to be partnering with a prolific company like Entertainment One who has a track record of creating high quality programming for their broadcast partners around the world,” commented Lerner. “And I’m excited by the prospect of collaborating again with my good friend Sly for an encore in this next phase of the Rambo legacy.”

I love Rambo. I mean, what person doesn’t? However, I don’t think a Rambo TV series is the way to go. Unless they plan on doing something on HBO, for a run of 6-8 episodes, or something in that ballpark. Rambo’s the sort of guy who wants to shy away from the World, so I really can’t see him getting into weekly adventures, like MacGyver, or the A-Team.

If they had a great story, that would require more time to tell than a 5th film, then I could get on board with that. However, it absolutely better not take place on network TV. Rambo needs high production, along with quality writing & direction. There needs to be blood, guts, grit, and plenty of swearing. A sanitized version of Rambo will absolutely not do.

I’m interested to see where things go with this Rambo TV series.

SOURCE: Coming Soon


Caliber "Nickname" Winfield is a writer from the Pacific Northwest who in one day was mistaken for both Dwayne Johnson & Spider-Man. He currently runs Str8 Gangster, No Chaser [scrublife.wordpress.com] a site where he loudly announces his displeasure for Chuck Lorre sitcoms, and his love for the original Karate Kid trilogy. He also has a book available for sale on amazon.com, The Man Movie Encyclopedia Vol. 1. It's been endorsed by New York Times Best-Selling author Maddox, and has received only 5 star reviews. He also street fights for money like Jean-Claude in Lionheart.

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