sherlock season 3 trailer

Sherlock Season 3 Trailer Teases Fanbase

sherlock season 3 trailerBBC One has finally revealed a brief teaser for the third season of Steven Moffat’s modern day televised vision of Sherlock Holmes. Those who were expecting a large glimpse of events to come for next Season will have to wait. This is just a small promo to get us fans hyped about the show again. Sadly, hardcore fans still have to wait until next year for the show to return.

Click below now and get prepared for the grand return of Sherlock!


I have to say, I’m not as nuts about the show as everyone else but I’m curious about how they plan to continue this series after the finale of Season 2. The ending was concluded in such a way that still puzzles me as we speak. How they plan on explaining some of the events from last season’s conclusion should be interesting. Hopefully, they have some epic villains to face-off against Mr. Holmes.

Whatever the case, it’s a fun show and Cumberbatch and Freeman are amazing as the two leads. I’ll definitely be tuning in next year when it premieres.

Sherlock will return in 2014! What do you think of the Sherlock Season 3 trailer?

Source: BBC One


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